7 best fruits for diabetics?

7 fruits are good for diabetics?

Diabetes is a serious chronic condition, more and more widespread, also due to the bad eating habits we take as children without thinking about consequences. Indeed, this disease is becoming a problem all over the world. The good news is that we can prevent diabetes by correcting our diet to have a stable level of … Read more7 best fruits for diabetics?

16 foods to avoid with diabetes

foods to avoid with diabetes

The control and monitoring of the diet are fundamental for a diabetic. Food is a basic treatment, as well as physical activities and medications are. The tracking of the diet makes it possible to avoid significant changes in blood glucose levels and to stop the appearance of diabetic complications (cardiovascular, renal, ophthalmic). The diet recommended … Read more16 foods to avoid with diabetes

The Best 7-Day meals plan as a diabetes menu

The Best 7-Day Diabetes diet menu

Diabetes is a chronic disease in which blood sugar, or blood sugar levels, tend to increase. In addition to drug therapy, a diabetic diet is recommended by doctors and nutritionists. But what does it consist of? What are the recommended foods? In general, the best diet to follow in the case of diabetes consist in … Read moreThe Best 7-Day meals plan as a diabetes menu