6 basic principles you need to follow to lose weight quickly and naturally

6 basic principles you need to follow to lose weight quickly and naturally

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Weight loss means burning as many calories as possible. We take drastic measures to lose weight quickly through a diet that promises success.

What happens when we don't go on a diet or give up exercise? We can gain weight again and every effort to lose weight is useless. The secret to losing weight is to make small, permanent changes.

Do you want to lose weight fast? Here are 6 basic rules you must follow!

1. Diversify diet, eat less and often and do not drink liquids during meals.

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3. Reduce the amount of fat.

Saturated fat is the main factor in cholesterol growth.

It should be known that lipids are visible, but also invisible in our diet. Lipids are found in spices and cooking fats, animal origins (eg butter, cream ...) or vegetables (nuts, peanuts, butter ...). We also find them in the formation of some animal-derived foods (eg meat, meat, cheese ...).

4. Calculate the level of activity.

In a week, calculate the calories you burn throughout the day (when standing up, gaining weight). After a week, the total is divided by the number of days to get the average calorie burned each day. To reduce a pound, you need to burn about 3500 calories (in addition to daily activities).

5. Before each meal, drink 1 glass of water.

Regarding diet, the simplest solutions are sometimes best. English researchers at Birmingham University have shown that drinking water before eating helps lose weight during dieting. A cheap approach accessible for everything they propose to democratize in a study published in August in the Obesity newspaper. For them, this habit must now be motivated by health care professionals and public health campaigns.

6. Eat fresh food and don't jump over breakfast.

What are the foods that help you lose weight fast?

From your diet, you should not miss fruits (eg melons, oranges, peaches), fresh vegetables (cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes), dairy products, fish, nuts And nuts.