How Ajwain essential oil is good for acne?

How Ajwain essential oil is good for acne?

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The Ajwain essential oil is not a product that everyone knows. So, this article will present how Ajwain essential oil can be good for acne problem.

For which treatment the Ajwain essential oil is used:

The properties of Ajwain essential oil are used to treat various problems.

First of all, it is rich in substances that offer energy to the body.

So it shows itself to be an ally from different points of view.

But of course it’s not all, experts have found that it can benefit on the immune system.

Its analgesic properties are effective against various disorders that affect the body. These disorders are one of the reasons that cause Acne.

Ajwain essential oil is an interesting natural remedy against acne, to tone the skin and to disinfect it from acne impurities.

This essential oil can be diluted in very little water and applied to the skin with a cotton swab, or added to creams or masks.

This natural product has a lot of properties to help the body to recover in the case of acne. It is an anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory and healing. In short, with the help of nature, acne can be won with no doubt.

Try! You will definitely see the difference! You have Acne pimples? Its destiny is to disappear with Ajwain essential oil!


Thing you need to know about Ajwain:

The Carum copticum which is commonly known as Ajwain, is a plant that belongs to the Apiaceae family.

It is a small shrub that can measure up to 70cm in height. It is very similar to cumin and it can be used for body care and more.

In fact, the essence is usually obtained from the seeds. While from the fruits, the spice can be extracted for culinary use.

It has light yellow flowers and a shape that seems as an umbrella.

It is already known that many essential oils cannot be used as it is alone, most of it must be diluted. It is the same case with Ajwain essential oil.

This essential oil needs necessary a dilution. It is a step that does not allow the product to be irritating in its topical use. You can dilute it with other essential oils, such as sweet almond oil.

The essential oil of Ajwain is a powerful antiseptic. It is effective especially at toning and energizing, as well as being known to prevent winter infections.

It can be used for both widespread in the air and for the skin application, diluted with another essential oil.


Acne, a skin problem:

Acne is a common skin disease that manifests itself with the appearance of a series of rashes known as pimples.

The pimples are formed when the subcutaneous hair follicles occlude; they mainly appear on face, neck, back, chest and shoulders.

Anyone can have the acne problem, even if it is more common among adolescents and young adults. It affects about 80% of people aging between 11 and 30, especially in female aging 14 to 17 and men between 16 and 19.

It is not a serious disease that cannot be treated, there are a lot of solutions to beat it, but it can become a cause of scars on the body.

The exact causes of acne are not known. It may be the hormonal variations, such as those of puberty and pregnancy.

But, the causes of the disorder are actually at the origin of many myths, such as chocolate and fatty foods that are often accused. Even if there is a little evidence that food has some effects on the acne problem for most people.

Besides, the stress does not cause acne as it is commonly known, but can only make it worse.

If you are suffering from acne, you should put in consideration that you have to follow this daily tips:

  • Clean the skin gently.
  • Try not to touch the skin affected or the pimples.
  • Avoid the sun.

The phytotherapeutic world offers a certain variety of natural remedies derived from plants.

They are suitable to intervene not only on the acne, but also on the factors that trigger it. And the Ajwain essential oil is absolutely one of them.

It is well known that the diet of an individual can affect the appearance and the health of the skin. For this reason, it is essential to adopt a correct and balanced diet, without excess, with low in fatty and sugary foods besides the natural treatment.

Yet, it is important to associate an adequate degree of hydration that can be achieved and maintained by drinking at least two liters of water a day.

The Ajwain essential oil can help you to say goodbye to Acne! It is an essential oil that concentrates on the eliminating of oily skin and pimples quickly and lastingly.



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