How Basil essential oil is good for allergies?

How Basil essential oil is good for allergies?

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Essential oils do not cure allergies but it has been proved to be excellent allies in strengthening the immune system and helping it to fight inflammation.

The Basil essential oil can help to reduce the susceptibility of the human body in its contact with exogenous antigens and minimizes the exuberant reactions of the immune system.

It is also able to relieve the ongoing inflammatory pathology and to help the body eliminate toxins.

You can use Basil oil as a decongestant. It will help you to thin the mucus, expectorate and open your airways. For these properties it is also useful in case of allergy and rhinitis.

The Basil essential oil is a product to take care of your health. Thanks to its incredible properties you can improve digestion, treat headaches, decrease fever without introducing harmful substances into your body.

Trust the power of nature and take full advantage of the properties of Basil oilThe Basil essential oil will surprise you!

What is Basil?

The Basil, or Ocimum Basilicum, is an herbaceous plant belonging to the Labiate family.

It is a typical plant of Mediterranean flora and blooms in summer.

Basil is a plant native to India and Asia. It arrived in Europe thanks to the Romans.

It has a small size, that’s why it can only reach a maximum height of 50 cm, and its wide use can be easily cultivated on the terraces.

It is a plant that is very used in cooking as a flavoring. It is commonly appreciated to give flavor and freshness to any dish.

Basil also has the power to increase appetite.

However, Basil beneficial properties are not very know, even if they are at various levels, and very effective especially for the health. The essential oil of Basil reduces the inflammatory response to allergens.

Basil essential oil benefits:

The essential oil of Basil has so many beneficial properties for our health and our beauty.

The essential oil of Basil is obtained by steam distillation of the Basil leaves.

Its fragrance is delicate, fresh, slightly spicy and Balsamic and its color can be light yellow or straw yellow.

The essential oil of Basil was used in ancient times for its therapeutic properties and is widely used in medicine.

It has stimulating properties, decongestants and is a panacea for the intestine.

It is useful for treating coughs and colds and, thanks to its antispasmodic properties, can alleviate gastric and intestinal disorders.

It also helps reduce anxiety and eliminate stress as well as being a cure for acne and the hair.

The essential oil of Basil reduces the inflammatory response to allergens. It also supports the activity of the adrenal glands involved in the production process of hormones responsible for all bodily functions. That’s how it can be very useful in the case of allergies.

Thanks to its toning properties you can use Basil oil to stimulate blood circulation and to enjoy its anti-inflammatory effect too.

What is allergy?

Allergy s is the most common respiratory affliction.  It seems that it is one of the most widespread disorders in the world. So when you sneeze, you do not always have a cold, often this is a symptom of allergies to agents in the air.

It is also one of the most annoying that usually occurs in the period of puberty in conjunction with specific seasonal periods.

It can have more or less severe forms that can change over the years.

The worst period for allergies, from March to October, begins with the trees, then with the grasses, then with cereals and herbaceous plants, in autumn the crises are usually caused by molds.

Allergy is an excessive reaction of the immune system given by particular antibodies, towards a substance that is normally harmless.

We can find allergies types as:

  • Pollen allergy: It is the most known, but we can also have allergies to dust, mites, fungi, etc.
  • Allergic rhinitis: also, it is called hay fever, is an inflammatory process of the nose mucosa.
  • Allergic asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways, often rhinitis precedes asthma.

The symptoms can be easily noticed. Some of allergies symptoms are usually:

  • Itching in the eyes, nose and throat.
  • Dry or irritating cough, difficulty breathing.
  • Weeping eyes and recurrent conjunctivitis.
  • Red nose, runny, stuffy nose.
  • Dark circles (greater flow of blood towards the nose).
  • Poor sensitivity to odors.

Other symptoms such as headache, fatigue, general malaise, hives, dermatitis, anxiety may be associated with these symptoms.

If you are in one those suffering from the main allergens (dust, pet hair, pollen and mold), know that you can find an ally to combat the symptoms of allergic rhinitis in the amazing natural essential oil; The Basil essential oil. It is your solution.

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